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Advanced and unique manufacturing technique is the soul of a manufacturing enterprise for its permanent existence and continuous growth. Believing in this, Borun has been putting great energy and strength on its technical research section, striving for creating and maintaining its leading position in advanced technical development in the Chinese edible alcohcol industry. A patent of our invention application for our Borun Wet Process, which is independently developed by our production management professionals,  has been accepted by the State Intellectual Property Office of the PRC.

Borun currently has a research and development department staffed with ten individuals that have qualifications in various disciplines including fermentation engineering, biological technology and applied biology and food engineering. Company's research and development team is mainly responsible for the cultivation and selection of enzymes for fermentation, improvement of  production technique and processes, improvement of the quality of our products and collating industry standards and information and ensuring we are abreast of advance technologies.
We believe the key to our gradual improvement on our production technology is our understanding and control of temperature, enzyme and acidity as well as other key parameters during each stage of the production process. The understanding and application on these key factors are closely related to the continuous and long-term research by our technical professionals.

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