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Borun Regularly Organizes Varied and Colorful Recreational Activities


In order to enrich the after-work life of our employees and enhance corporate internal communication, we regularly organize varied and colorful recreational activities to bring our employees an enjoyable atmosphere of working with Borun   
Shandong facility organizes serials of cultural activities, including matches in tug-of-war, chess, table-tennis, singing, etc. on the Dragon Boat Festival, Labour Day and so on which not only helps release the employees from high working pressure but also brings the plant a joyful atmosphere.
Daqing facility utilizes the treated waste water to feed and raise fish which not only improves employee benefits but also reasonably and effectively utilizes water resources

Daqing facility regularly holds special speeches competitions to improve employee’s consciousness of honoring their respective profession and promoting their artistic appreciation

Daqing facility regularly holds various sports competition including basketball, volleyball and ping-pong matches etc. which greatly improved the vigor of staff and enhanced team cohesion.


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