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Technical Research

Borun has a professional technical team of strong capacity. Since entering into the edible alcohol industry, company has been a leader of advancement in the field of technical research and development. The “Improved Wet Method” which was independently developed by our team of professional technicians through years of research and refinement is so far the most advanced alcohol production technology in China with features of clean production, free pollution and discharge, low-cost and energy-efficient with all indexes above national and international standards. We believe we are now the only edible alcohol manufacturer utilizing this technology in China and we have a patent pending in China for such technology.

Along with self-innovation and improvement of our production technology, we also actively keep close communication and cooperation with science and academic institutions to explore means to refine our production technologies and improve product quality. At present, we emphasize our research activity on changing our original method of raw material fermentation into ripe material fermentation which will consume less energy and will be more environmental-friendly comparing with the traditional practice.

Over the years, the core members of our technical team have been devoting themselves to the research and development of our production technology with unremitting assiduity. All-around technical exploitation and production management control has made our research level and profit level achieved new breakthrough one after another, besides, our product quality, product performance and our product variety development capacity has also continuously improved. Creating perfect product quality and striving for first-class production technology will be our unremitting pursuit and our firm commitment to customers and society


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