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Employment Philosophy:
Employment according to the capacity, fostering according to the individuals.
Fully play one’s potentiality; development in harmony.

Employment according to the capacity:
All of the employees, regardless of their birthplace and background, all belong to Borun and share equal opportunity on capacity improvement and position promotion. The Company respects each position and each employee. The Company also advocates objective culture and evaluate each employee based on ethnic criterion and work performance which we believe as the fairest norm. The Company attaches great importance to the virtues of each employee and aims to fully tap their latent potentials rather than focusing on their deficit and disadvantages so that everyone can show their talents fully and freely.

Fostering according to the individuals:

The quality of employees is crucial to the long-term development of the company. Because of this, the Company set employment training as one of the basic practices for enterprise development. We organize internal technological training each week and selects outstanding ones for further education each year so as to improve the quality and technical level of our employees day by day.

Fully play one’s potentiality:
Company follows the idea of optimizing personal allotment to tap each one’s specialty for the purpose of putting the right man in the right position and motivating their enthusiasm so as to achieve the win-win situation among the individual employee, the Company and the society.

Development in harmony:
The Company’s growth is closely related to each employee, we therefore adhere to the philosophy of “development in harmony” to strive for a common development of the Company and employee to create a win-win situation. 

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